Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Future..

Hmm... after watching those kids I suddenly got scared of the future... what if I had a wife? and what if I can't support a family? It got me thinking on taking that opportunity to earn what... 30, 40 thousand a month? But I'd have to go somewhere and leave my honey here... But i'm not taking any chances, I'm going to take that offer and if she really love me, she'd understand and wait... I'm thinking of going somewhere for a year or two... by that time, I'm sure she can now choose whether to be wed or not... but for me, I'm gonna wait till she finishes college and my career's strong enough to support us ^__^

This gackt cosplayer, anthony i think... we've been e-mailing each other for quite some time now and still I haven't got our pictures of us together last c3con... I wonder if he still have those pictures... and i wonder why he desperately tries to recruit me in their band? Hmm... Maybe I'd help a bit but I've my own band now and I plan to be recognized as that band's member/leader... I want to make my band as the most famous J-rock in this country... probably create an album if lucky enough...

Friday, August 06, 2004

Back from a week's torture!

Well, eversince AOI ended.. all the other days passed by with an unexpected dullness. I just spent them all on the phone, playing xbox and sleeping the whole day off... Well, that's what you get from being dropped out of school and waiting for the PEPT to show your future hahaha!

The gackt cosplayer e-mailed me... can't believe he was on my YM friend's list before we even met in person.
He's kinda cute... but I'm for my honey only now haha.. tomorrow I'm going to megamall and hope that honey would come... I really miss her...

Sunday, August 01, 2004

COI ( Cosplayers On Ice)

Whohoo! I met my honey! and the day was cool! even My sister came! All of us had a good time! wish ella went though... it would've been a blast! and rachel would be hyper! XD wish that day never ended! but that's all in the past now... yesterday even...

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Can't sleep...

O..k... now I'm being silly.. I can't sleep because i'm too excited for tomorrow... but.. YAY! I'm gonna see her again!
I'll be with her again! Now that's something to look forward to instead of that Anime On Ice event...

Yoh! Ohayou, oreno kokoro

For the first time in my life... My heart started beating faster and faster! Yah!
And I blushed! My my my... I've become a different person since she came into my life... and I love it XD